New version 0.9.3

A long time has past since the last version of KomanderTPV (0.9.2). Although the project has been stationary, it has not been forgotten. Unfortunately, time is gold and I cannot find it nowhere :)

For those of you that don’t know about it, KomanderTPV is a system that allows to take the orders to hostelry industry’s users (workers/customers), using their own mobile device to accomplish such task. Get and manage the demanded products in the different  points of service in a restaurant. That’s its main function.

I leave here a new version (0.9.3). It has the same functionality, but better performance and adaptability to the different mobile devices.

The most important changes are:

- App for Android devices. It has been created a free app, downloadable from Google Play Store, to ease access to workers and customers in your restaurant.

- Added Bootstrap. In the last version, some screens didn’t appear correctly in some low resolution devices. So, the front has been redesigned with Bootstrap to fit the different screens in any mobile, no matter the resolution.

-Printed docs. DOMPDF has been replaced by ECS/POS to print tikets, avoiding to install any kind of program or driver to use the printer, along with a marked improvement in printing speed.

At this moment, you can test the last version in the following link:

Always check the ‘REMEMBER’ option if you are going to login from your self phone.Otherwise the system will show the ‘select user’ screen.

Rol ‘Waiter’:
Pass: 1111

Rol’Manager’. Like ‘Waiter’ but can use cash register, open drawer and use viewers.
User: ALI

Rol ‘Administrator’. Waiter + Manager + Admin functions (Families, products, ingredients, reports…)
User: MIPS
Rol ‘Customer’. Access and take orders like a customer in the restaurant could do.
Table 33 pass: ueg7
Table 37 pass: Eby2
Table 40 pass: 48bu

These passwords will be changing as they become useless once the table has been checkout. If there is no way to access with one of the above passwords, access like a worker (Waiter or manager) and go inside a table. Then click UTILS > GENERATE PASS. This will generate a new password for the customer on the selected table. You can see the new password under the same menu. Use this password to access like a customer.

The demo and download links on the page will be changed in short.


Web changed

For a better use and administration, the web had been changed to WordPress.

From now, it will be easier to maintain the users informed with the last changes and news.

The users also can interact with the web adding comments and suggestions to pages or posts.